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Glen Young is another member of the Nikwax Faction Team. His non-profit organization, Direct Experience International, provides hands on learning, adventure, and travel to help his students grow. His programs take place all over the world and we would like to share his Mt. Rainier climbing experience with our readers.

Direct Experience International space

As has become the tradition the past three years, after finishing a month at elevation in Peru, I returned home to the United States for some high elevation escapades.  And as has become the tradition since living and working around the Seattle area, I focused my adventures on Mount Rainier.

I met my climbing partner Bonom at the Seattle airport after he flew-in from the Bay Area, and the two of us raided nearby grocery stores for all the items we thought we might crave on a high altitude exploit.  Our decision-making was informed by an expedition we did in Nepal the year before, and it didn’t take long before we realized that carrying twenty-pounds of food per-person, per-day was a bit heavy.  So, we cut-out a bunch of goodies, eyed the pile, shrugged our shoulders, and set-off for Rainier.

Heading to our first camp

In previous years we had both climbed the standard routes…

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