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Nikwax Faction member Jen Segger is making tracks in Costa Rica!

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Think you’ve had a busy week? Canadian endurance athlete and Nikwax Faction member Jen Segger ( will run 250km before the week is out. Jen, along with 12 other Canadian athletes, is in the final stages of the 250km staged endurance run in Costa Rica.

As the Canadian ambassador for the race and the coach for several of the other runners, Jen’s wearing several hats, er, shoes? Follow her progress (as well as that of her team) through the Coasta Rican jungles via her blog and Facebook (as internet connection allows):

Race Website:

Live coverage:

The race gets began Saturday, January 30th and finishes today. Stage lengths ranged from 30km to 50km each day.  Jen is hoping that the hilly course profile will play to her favor but with other top female endurance athletes in the race, things should remain exciting right through the finish.

We wish Jen and her team the best of luck and the speediest of feet!

Are you an aspiring endurance athlete yourself? Check out Jen’s training tips AND her killer soon-to-open Vancouver training facility:

Find out all about Jen’s training, coaching and motivational speaking at

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